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See PS3's PlayTV doing its thing; still Europe only

Remember PlayTV? Sony's been real mum on their PlayStation 3 TV-tuner slash PVR peripheral since first announcing the thing back in August. Like then, it still appears PlayTV will be Euro-only, thanks in no small part to the device's reliance on the European Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) format. The BBC has a nice shakycam video (found after the break) of what you can expect from PlayTV, showing off live TV playback, the episode guide, pause and record functionality, and even (most impressively) playback from a PSP turning the PlayTV into a console-centric Slingbox of sorts.

They say it's coming out "later this year" (they previously has targeted "early in 2008") so it's anyone's guess when you'll be able to get one for yourself. As long as we're all guessing, you might want to take a couple stabs at price (still unknown) and potential availability of a North America-compatible version (also still unknown).

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