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Breakfast Topic: Skill or +resilience gear?

Amanda Dean

The calls go out through trade chat, "Premade AB, must have 250 resil." "Warlock looking for 5v5, have 400 resil, pst." It takes some doing but with Season 1 (soon to be Season 2) Arena gear available as PvP honor rewards, this is not outrageous. Changes on the public test realm that allow the purchase of Gladiator gear with Badges of Justice would make it still easier to acquire gear that is loaded with resilience.

Resilience was introduced along with the Burning Cruasde, and has had a massive impact on PvP gear. This combat statistic was designed to reduce the chance of being struck with a critical hit. It also reduces the damage caused by a critical strike. This stat was implemented in order to extend PvP combat.The presence of resilience is the main feature of PvP gear that sets it apart from PvE gear.

Bribarian of Spirestone believes that resilience has changed the focus of interpersonal combat from player skill to gear. This post sparked a spirited discussion over which is more advantageous in PvP battles, talent on the part of the player or the gear they're in. Some believed that by reducing the critical strike chance the role of luck has been diminished in combat. This would favor skill over gear.

What do you think? Has resilience changed PvP for better or for worse? Which is more important, the ability of the player or the bonuses of their gear?

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