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Antennas Direct unveils ClearStream2 long-range OTA antenna

Darren Murph

Just a few short months after Antennas Direct's president witnessed unprecedented sales of its OTA antennas, the firm is fleshing out its product line with the all new ClearStream series. The first device in said lineup will be the ClearStream2, which enables owners to pull in UHF / VHF signals some 55 miles away in a design that measures just 10- x 20-inches. Additionally, the company promises that "up to 98-percent of the available broadcast signal" will actually reach the incoming antenna cable compared to "just 10-percent" in most alternatives. Interestingly, we aren't told how much this unit will demand -- and we're left to imagine what it'll actually look like -- but availability is promised for next month, with mid-range and ultra long-range designs to follow shortly.

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