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One Shots: Kickin' it old school

To follow up on this morning's Daily Grind, where we asked what game you had originally fallen in love with in the MMO genre, I figured I'd follow up with this seriously old-school image sent in to us by Kilawhar! While he didn't send in the name of this location, I actually spent more than enough years playing this game to know just where this is. For those of you who don't recognize the above screenshot location, it's a place called Trainer Hill in the Crushbone zone off of Greater Faydark. In this location, many EverQuest players ground orc xp until they could get into a Throne Room camping group. Then you'd sit and camp the spawns over and over for experience and loot. Ahh, the old days -- when a bad pull meant running for the zone line because they didn't stop chasing you until you were out... or dead! Mmm. Grindy.

How about you? Do you have some seriously old-school screens floating around on a 5.25" floppy or tape drive somewhere? Did you have to grind uphill in the snow both ways just to get and from your raids? Perhaps you have an older game installed, and can show us just how much the graphics have changed since the old days. Whatever your flavor, old-school or new, we'd love to see your screens and hear your stories! Just drop them in the mail to us at! Yours could be the next one up!

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