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The $500,000 Atari 2600 game

We apologize for the crummy picture -- if you can find a better image depicting Gamma Attack, an Atari 2600 game which is apparently in smaller numbers than los Chupacabras, then we'd like to see it. According to eBay seller Wyatticog, there's less than 20 of this particular cart in existence, which may or may not justify his asking price for the game -- a cool half mil.

We don't doubt that the game is rare, but $500k is a ton of loot. With that kind of expendable income, we could buy a small island, a Crysis-ready PC, or 8,000 video games that are actually worth playing. Unless there's some eccentric millionaire out there with an uncontrollable boner for games from the President Carter era, we doubt this one will fly off eBay's virtual shelves.

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