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Three Overlord DLC packs on Live Marketplace

In last year's onslaught of groundbreaking, AAA titles, there was a a good chance for smaller gems to get lost in the shuffle -- case in point: Overlord. With wallets tightened in preparation of the year's later blockbuster releases, not many people shelled out the cash to pick up this clever Pikmin-esque treat, and our hopes for the previously announced trio of downloadable expansions for the game faded as the winter months passed.

However, just as surreptitiously as the game hit American store shelves, the three Overlord DLC packs recently crept onto Xbox Live Marketplace. For 800 MS Points you can grab the "Raising Hell" expansion, which adds some new levels and challenges to the single player campaign. The "Challenge Pack" goes for 400 MS Points, and adds 7 new multiplayer maps and a new campaign difficulty. And, for the low, low price of free, you can download a split-screen multiplayer mode to enjoy with a good friend, or better yet, your most trusted minion.

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