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Breakfast Topic: Can gear be too ugly?

Matthew Rossi

Okay, let's be brutally frank here. Some gear looks bad. Some gear looks really really bad. Last night, as an example, Zul'Aman gave to me the present of the Battleworn Tuskguard. This is one heck of a tanking hat. Take a loot, it's really sweet for a 10 man instance drop.

It also makes me look like Big Bird with tusks. Perhaps some unholy Big Bird/Snuffleupagus hybrid. (Long time experience writing for the site tells me that I need a disclaimer here saying that yes, I know Snuffy doesn't have tusks, but it's possible that the hybridization process brought the latent tusks to the fore. Also, I'm a little embarrassed for us all that we all knew that much about Snuffleupagus.) But at the same time, I'm so insanely happy with the hat that I can't bring myself to turn the thing off, so now I'm wandering around Outland as the most lethal looking hawkstrider - elekk hybrid in existence. The weirdest thing is, I really enjoy how insanely awful the hat looks. It looks like what it supposedly is, a battered relic of war ripped from the corpse of a dead troll. It even has a broken tusk.

I have a guildmate with the same hat but he never, ever leaves it turned on. This leads me to wonder: is there gear out there that's so ugly but has such nice stats that you'll never, ever turn it on? Maybe never even wear it? Perhaps I'm unusual in that, the worse my gear looks, the more I like wearing it. Considering that we loot all of this junk off of the broken and battered bodies of our enemies, shouldn't some of it look less than awesome? I actually would hope that Blizzard would design more gear in the future with a 'battle damaged' aesthetic. After all, when a big dragon drops a healing wand, it's not like he was using it. Clearly he took that off of the corpse of a foolhardy adventurer much like ourselves, only less lucky.

So I put the question to you again: is there any gear so awful looking that you won't display it or even wear it outside of encounters? Any gear so horrible that you love wearing it? I am keen to know.

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