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Melee fix coming to Halo 3 this week

Justin McElroy

Two people hitting each other simultaneously with the butts of guns is supposed to be a magical, intimate time. But too many Halo 3 players have had their "brutal kiss" (as it's known) marred by a slight defect in the game that gives the advantage in that situation to the host, or the player with the better connection.

Now though, it seems that after working with pros from the MLG, Bungie has corrected the issue, and will be passing the fix along in an autoupdate sometime this week. Speaking as hopeless romantics who still tear up when we see two armored soldiers put swords through each other, we couldn't be more pleased.

[Via OXM]

[Update: Unsurprisingly, the melee problem is a bit more complicated than we make it out to be here. If you'd like a disturbingly thorough understanding of the issue check this out.]

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