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New LEGO Batman screenshots reveal new character: Harley Quinn

Majed Athab

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A lot of us here at PS3 Fanboy grew up watching cartoons in the 90's; one cartoon in particular was Batman: The Animated Series (which was ten times better than any of the newer Batman cartoons could ever hope to be). So when we saw the new screenshots of LEGO Batman: The Videogame, we instantly recognized the lovably annoying Harley Quinn -- the Joker's gawky underling.

Based off our memory of the show, we suppose that re-pairing Harley with the Joker in this LEGO game would yield befittingly humorous adventures for our heroes, Batman and Robin. What kind of crazy schemes will the Joker pull from his sleeves ... and in what absurd way will Harley find to utterly screw things up?


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