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Our GDC armaments: 2008 edition

Ross Miller

If you're interested to know how the elite prepare for trade shows, check out our gallery of blogging gear from a few of the Joystiq Network writers (that includes the Fanboys, WoW Insider and Massively) heading to the show floor this year.

You'll probably notice a few common elements (voice recorder, cell phone, laptop) in each picture, as well as some not-so-common additions as noted in the picture above. (Note: due to abnormalities in the light rays at Joystiq HQ, this writer was unable to snap a photo of his equipment. Rest assured, it included among the usuals, a towel, a painted Day of the Dead skull mask and a plush Walrus with a beret and glasses that looks just like Jamie Hyneman.)

Gallery: GDC 08 Blogging Gear | 5 Photos

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