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Sony announces sexy HDMI hub, Bluetooth paraphernalia to clutter up our life


Sony's still got that spark that can make a boring old HDMI switcher into a fashion statement. The four port SB-HD41R (pictured) isn't doing anything special, but it does it in style. Meanwhile the SRS-BT100 and the DRC-BT15 (pictured after the break) help you get your Bluetooth on, with the BT100 working as an autonomous 30W speaker for you Bluetooth-capable music players, while the DRC-BT15 acts as a Bluetooth adapter, pumping out whatever comes in the minijack over EDR / A2DP. Unfortunately, we don't really need any of this stuff, since that home entertainment center of ours is looking messy as it is, but luckily we don't have to make a decision just yet since these are only announced for Japan at the moment.

Read - SB-HD41R
Read - SRS-BT100
Read - DRC BT15

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