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Survey sez Brits would give up nearly anything for a 50-inch plasma

Darren Murph

We already knew that one in eight blokes would swap their significant other for a swank new piece of kit, but apparently, the Brits have no qualms giving up other luxuries in order to satisfy their electronic cravings. According to a survey pushed out late last month by Comet, nearly half (47-percent) of British men surveyed would do without sex for six whole months in exchange for a shiny new 50-inch plasma, while 35-percent of women said the same. Furthermore, 24-percent claimed that they would ditch smoking for the luscious PDP, while a quarter of participants stated that they would cease eating chocolate. Of course, talk is cheap, and we've serious doubts that these folks could actually keep their promise if put to the test.

[Via Times Colonist, image courtesy of CorrieBlog]

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