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Tabula Rasa down in the dumps?


According to a report from The Korea Times, NCsoft's MMO Tabula Rasa has done so poor financially that it's causing the Austin Studio to be reshuffled.

The staff reporter on this piece (Cho Jin-seo) states that the Austin Studio "has inflicted a massive loss to the parent company by failing in a six-year blockbuster project." All of this seems to stem from NCsoft's 2007 fiscal report released on February 13. Jin-seo reports "the Tabula Rasa game has proven to be a financial disaster." During a conference call on February 14 NCsoft's CFO Lee Jae-ho stated that, "Because of this disappointing result, some downsizing in Austin is inevitable."

This is very, very bad news -- and sad news to me personally because I enjoy the game so much -- if it indeed turns out to be correct. We have passed this information along to our sources at NCsoft for further comment, and we'll report back to you the moment we hear anything further.
Until then, be sure to read the entire article for the complete lowdown on this developing situation.

Thanks to one of our readers (JohnnyP) for making us aware of this news!

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