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Ubisoft trademarkz more Petz

Candace Savino

While we tend to scoff at Ubisoft's Petz series, we suppose if they're making some little kid out there happy, they can't be all that bad. Still, the blatant exploitation of the license along with the unnecessary use of the letter "z" just rubs us the wrong way.

Ubisoft has recently trademarked "Monkeyz" and "Dinoz," meaning that we can probably expect more Petz games on the horizon. While the company's choice in animals is definitely getting better, unless these games are like Dino Park Tycoon, we're just not interested.

Are you hoping that "Slothz" or "Alienz" will be Ubisoft's next trademark? How about "Piranhaz" or "Robot Dinoz?" Vote in the poll after the break and let your opinion be known.


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