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Age of Conan MMO News


The Age of Conan MMO has been in development at Funcom on PC and 360 for some time now, and the game is starting to come out of it's shell a bit. With a demo at GDC, and impressions and interviews going up left and right, now would be a good time to discuss the shortcomings of your game right? Of course. The Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen told MTV Multiplayer that the game still has no release window for 360 and that the PC version will ship in May. Multiplayer even hints that the console release will not be seen until next year, a sorry state of affairs if the PC version is set to ship in a little over three months. It's easy to see why the team hasn't made much progress considering they haven't even touched what they call their largest obstacle, the controller interface. Tharaldsen even goes so far as to say that PC gamers would be unable to use their 360 controllers in the PC version, because the game was so complicated. But, if MMO's are so hard to use controllers with why do people play WoW with gamepads?

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