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Dojo update: A double whammy of special moves


It would be something of a stretch to describe today's dojo update as a spoiler, but we're not taking any chances -- our protective spoiler barrier remains! Further details are past the break.

Special moves for the Ice Climbers and Zelda are the focus of today's update, and are ... exactly the same as those found in Melee.

That means the return of the Ice Shot, Squall Hammer, Belay and Blizzard (as demonstrated above) for the Ice Climbers (we're reminded by director Sakurai that Nana and Popo must stick together to make the most of their maneuvers), and Nayru's Love, Din's Fire, and Farore's Wind for Zelda, who can also transform, of course. Here's hoping for a swift return to more remarkable dojo updates tomorrow.



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