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Five-star Thompson Toronto hotel to boast 42-inch plasmas

Darren Murph

New York-based Thompson Hotel is branching out, and reportedly, it's getting set to break ground on a new building outside of US borders. Set to open in the summer of 2009, Thompson Toronto is slated to become yet another five-star hotel in the Canadian city when it opens at 550 Wellington St. W. at Bathurst. Apparently, the venue will consist of three high-rise towers with "floor-to-ceiling windows, 42-inch plasma TVs, private 40-seat screening rooms, and creative, interdisciplinary decor by Barcelona design studio Estudio Marsical." In case that wasn't enough, you'll also find an outdoor skating rink and a rooftop pool and bar, but sadly, we've no idea how many high-definition channels will be allowed to grace those PDPs.

[Via HotelChatter]

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