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Fujitsu's Scaleo home server gets detailed


It's been quite a while since we saw the first less-than-stellar renders of Toshiba's Scaleo home server, but it looks like the device is now finally nearing an actual release, with just about all the details you could want now out in the open. As previously announced, the server will be available in two varieties, with the Scaleo Home Server 1500 boasting a single 500GB hard drive and room for three more, and the Scaleo 1900 boasting two 500GB hard drives and, apparently, room for three more drives as well (although, as Slash Gear points out, that may be a typo given that the two are the same size). Otherwise, you can expect a Celeron 4xx processor in each, along with 512MB of RAM, 256MB of flash memory, gigabit LAN, four USB ports, and two eSATA. There's still no official word as to when they'll be available over here, however, but they'll apparently hit the UK in the next two weeks, with the 1500 and 1900 demanding £399 and £469 (or $777 and $913), respectively.

[Via Slash Gear]

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