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GoW series two figures: Now with exploding heads!

Dustin Burg

Thanks to the little big event dubbed ToyFare 2008, AFI has blessed us with a photographic preview of NECA's Gears of War series two action figures. And before we go any further, the awesomely bloody-violent picture you see above is a second series GoW figure rightfully named "Locust Headshot". A figure that brings tears to our eyes and is a guaranteed X3F purchase. We've even made room for it by our Viva Pinata toys.

Moving along, NECA's second series will be comprised of the Locust Headshot figure you see above, Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird and another Locust variant. No release date has been set, but one could gather that since series one will be releasing in April, the second series should release either in the Summer or Fall. The wait will be rough on us though, we want our headshot figure NOW!

[Thanks, Joshua Johnson]

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