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How to find a fellow AFS soldier


In keeping with today's P.U.G. theme, we stumbled across another article today about how to find and enjoy the community in Tabula Rasa. Given the brouhaha over TR yesterday, we thought shinning a spotlight on this fun MMO would be beneficial.

This helpful article (found on Tabula Blogger) provides an entire footlocker full of chat commands (i.e., "/whisper" sends a message to specific a player, "/group" or "/party" sends a message to your party, "/shout" or "/yell" sends a message to the map you're on) and suggestions on how to go about finding fellow AFS soldiers in the fight against the vile Bane. I've been playing this game since beta (and apparently have a far better outlook on TR than other people), yet I have never used the LFG (Looking For Group) Tab. Heck, I forgot it's there to be quite honest. But then, I'm not usually looking for groups (which is a whole other post I'm working on). However, if you are then it's where you need to be to find a group quick and easy like.

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