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Mario Kart Wii preview discusses new control methods

Kyle Orland

Mario Kart fans worried that the Wii remote/Wii Wheel combination would lead to an uncomfortable lack of precision in the upcoming Mario Kart Wii (yes, that's the official name) can breath a sigh of relief. A new 1UP preview of the game reveals that, much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the racer will also support more traditional controls via a GameCube pad, a remote/Nunchuk combo, or the Wii's Classic Controller.

While the preview notes somewhat predictably that the Wii Wheel controls "took a little while to get used to," the other play styles were reportedly "quite responsive and instantly familiar." There are some advantages to the motion-sensitive controllers though -- while a quick shake of the Wii Wheel and/or Nunchuk will perform the game's new mid-air tricks, the Gamecube and Classic controllers require players to "awkwardly [reach] for the directional pad," according to the preview.

The full article goes into more detail on the game's new items, new motorcycles, new power-sliding options and a new Mario Kart channel for online play. Check it out if, uh, you like hearing about new stuff.

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