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Matsushita gears up to build $2.8 billion LCD factory in Japan

Darren Murph

Looks like we're already starting to see some repercussions from the (very) recent deal struck between Panasonic and Hitachi. Reportedly, Matsushita -- known for its Panasonic brand -- is getting set to construct a $2.8 billion LCD factory in western Japan that it hopes to open by 2010. The move is said to be in response to the weakening demand for plasmas and the increasing demand for LCDs, and when everything goes operational, the plant should be able to crank out 15 million 32-inch LCD panels per year. Notably, the facility will be built by IPS Alpha Technology, which Matsushita will be a majority owner in after "buying out Toshiba and Hitachi's stake in the venture." Better yet, it's noted that IPS Alpha could also dabble in OLED technology, so yeah, you can consider our interest piqued.

[Via About-Electronics]

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