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Rumor: New 360 SKU on the way?


To go with our "New Xbox Live" rumor, here's another rumor about a supposedly new product out of the Microsoft camp. is reporting that many of the current 360 SKU's are "Discontinued by the manufacturer," and this is hitting right at a time when there's swirling talk about how there are shortages for the 360 on the supply side of things. Not only that, but then there are the rumors about the new chipsets and motherboards, which may or may not be being readied for a new line of SKU's. Hardware evolution over the course of a console's life-cycle is not unheard of, but this round of the console wars has been hit with enough SK craziness to last several generations. With this new rumor surfacing in the midst of news about new chipsets and discontinued models, maybe Microsoft is simply updating whats in the bundle, not the price of the box. Then again, GTA IV is right around the corner, and that would be the perfect time for a price drop or SKU shift ....

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