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The uber compassionate One-handed Wiimote mod

A wide majority of gamers don't have to worry about the logistics of actually interacting with their video games of choice -- the simplicity of picking up a controller and playing a game is the main draw of home consoles. However, gamers who suffer from certain physical handicaps are often not in the minds of console and controller designers, often excluding them with peripherals they may find difficult to use. Luckily, the Earth's got people like Ryan Culy.

Culy designed the pictured Wii Remote/Nunchuk hybrid with one of his friends, who had lost most of his left arm, in mind. By moving the C and Z buttons from the 'Chuk to the Wiimote, and by detaching the joystick and motion sensor so that they could be controlled by an elbow, the two peripherals can now be used with one arm. It's a very kind gesture from Culy -- one we hope will inspire future console and peripheral designers to keep gamers of all shapes and sizes in mind when they create their products.

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