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VC Tuesday: The Case of the Custom Wrestling


We love it when a bunch of previously Japan-only games come out on the VC, because that improves the chances, however slightly, of a release outside of Japan, like Sin & Punishment got. It's even a decent number of games! Well done. Three of the four games this week fall into that import-only category; unfortunately, they're also pretty text-heavy and would require serious localization. Tantei Jinguuji Saburo is the first in a series that is finally coming to the U.S. as Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles. Aksys may be tempted to localize the Famicom game to promote the DS game, but with the amount of text required, it's not likely.

Atlas is a simulation game like Colonization or Civilization, about Portuguese sailors in the 1500s. So, again, text. The sepia-only graphical style is neat, though. Custom Robo you may be familiar with from the Gamecube or DS. This N64 version has four-player robot fighting -- not bad for 10 bucks!

The only U.S.-released game in the bunch is Wrestleball, which we absolutely would have bought had it been released under that name instead of the non-awesome Powerball.

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