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Achtung, baby! Apollo Justice gets dated for Europe

Candace Savino

While we're sure many English-speaking, Ace Attorney-loving Europeans arranged to have the game imported already, the rest of you will be glad to know that Apollo Justice has been given a release date.

Europe can expect the game on May 9th, which is tantalizingly far away for fans, but we've seen worse than a three month delay. Take Trials and Tribulations for example -- where is that game?

Nintendo of Europe still doesn't list an official date for Phoenix Wright's third foray in the courtroom, and we haven't heard anything from Capcom, but the unofficial date of March 21st has popped up on some sites like GameSpot UK. While a March date is unlikely (as we probably would have heard something concrete by this point), let's hope it's correct so that non-importing Europeans can play their games in order.

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[Via GoNintendo]

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