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Angmarim fortress exposed by new Lorebook entry

Kyle Horner

A new lorebook entry has graced the official Lord of the Rings Online website, this one focusing on Rhunendin. Long ago when the hosts of Angmar were driven from the North-kingdom, the they were scattered to the wind. Even though the Angmarim numbers were few, time was on their side. The many years that would pass gave these scattered remnants time to re-multiply into a strong force.

They eventually rebuilt their towns and villages. One such place is called Rhunendin -- a mighty fortification that guards the western approach towards the Witch-king's old capital Carn Dûm. The Angmarim have continued to be faithful to their forsaken lord and serve his Steward -- Mordirith -- named the False King by the Hill-men, who also reside in Angmar. It's been a little while since we saw a focus on Angmar. Although, much like most of the Angmar zone, this is a place only reachable by players of the highest level in LotRO.

That's nothing new for massively games, but if you're a lowbie who really wants to check out some of these dark fortresses, there's always Monster Play.

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