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GDC08: Hands-on with the Logitech Driving Force GT


Just moments after Logitech officially announced the new Driving Force GT for PS3, we rushed over to Sony and gave it a spin. An observer casually noted, "isn't it nice to have rumble on the PS3?" We'd have to agree with this sentiment -- but the Driving Force GT offers much more than just rumble.

The wheel feels incredibly sturdy, and offers a surprising amount of resistance when making turns, crashing into walls, and more. The force offered by the wheel rivals those found in arcade cabinets. The wheel makes Gran Turismo 5 feel like a completely different game. Playing in cockpit mode with the controller is incredibly immersive. With wheel in hand, this does feel like the "real driving simulator" that GT promises to be.

While the wheel is impressive, we were a bit underwhelmed by the pedals, which lack the heft that makes the wheel so impressive. The pedals need a bit more resistance to feel a bit more realistic, and need to be heavier, so they don't move forward so much. Regardless, we're impressed by this incredible effort of bringing home an arcade experience. Considering the asking price ($150), Logitech needed to make a high quality peripheral. We think they succeeded.

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