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GDC08: Plenty of changes coming with Call of Duty 4 feature patch

Justin McElroy

Make no mistake, Call of Duty 4 players: Infinity Ward is listening.

If you need evidence, you need look no further than the slew of updates and changes that are coming to the game in the coming months, which we talked with IW community relations manager Robert Bowling about today at GDC.

The first in the pipeline is a feature patch that's just been sent to Microsoft for Xbox 360 certification and will soon go to the PS3 for certification.

Arguably the most important new addition is host migration. In short, if a host leaves a game, all players stay together, a suitable replacement is chosen and the game begins anew. Though the game doesn't continue uninterrupted, it should help to keep a host departure from being so jarring.

From a gameplay perspective, the patch will improved sniper rifle accuracy, as well as the accuracy on the ACOG scope.

The sniper fix (as well as the host migration feature, for that matter) was born of direct feedback from the community, according to Bowling.

The same can be said of the other features like an expanded Kill Cam with all weapons, including claymores, airstrikes and grenades, getting the feature.

Also, expect nine new spawn points in every map, a quick mute feature and an improved spectator cam that allows a first-person view as well as being fully rotatable in 3rd person.

Though the changes are numerous, Bowling said he doesn't expect it to be the last such update, especially if fans remain vocal.

"We never assume that we're done, we never pat ourselves on the back, wipe our hands and assume that we're finished."

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