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Gran Turismo 5 prologue dated for Europe

Jem Alexander

In a press release regarding the Logitech Driving Force GT (more info on that here) the Gran Turismo 5: Prologue release date for Europe has finally been nailed down. The driving simulator will be available on both a Blu-Ray disc at retail and as a PlayStation Network download on March 28th. That's just under three weeks before America receives it on April 17th. Sometimes being a European gamer is a complete drag, but every once in while we get thrown a bone. This is certainly one of those times.

Seeing as how March 28th is a Friday, and considering how loathe Sony are to release content on the PSN on any day other than Thursday, we wouldn't be surprised to see the downloadable version available on the 27th. Warhawk was released this way - though the retail version wasn't made available until almost a month later. Whatever happens, you can expect to be experiencing the latest, greatest car simulator before April hits. Brummm brummm!

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