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LG's KH1800 "Orange color phone" is, of all things, black

Chris Ziegler

Yes, we understand there are a few orange highlights on LG's new KH1800 for its domestic Korean market, but still -- "Orange color phone" just really doesn't seem like a wholly appropriate go-to-market name for this puppy. It doesn't really matter what color they make it, though, it's certainly not the most attractive LG we've seen, and with a 1 megapixel primary cam, the spec sheet isn't doing it any favors, either. Heck, not even the 13.3mm thick case is impressing us, though the international 3G roaming capability should find it a customer or two. Anyway, looks like South Koreans can get their paws on the Orange color phone in all its decidedly un-orange glory now for 352,000 won (about $372).

[Via PHONE Magazine]

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