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PS3 Echochrome coming stateside Spring 2008, PSP version 'up in the air' [update]

North American gamers who wish to live out their long held fantasies of frolicking through Escher's world of Relativity will get their chance this summer, when Echochrome, Sony's perspective swapping puzzle platformer, will be made available for download on the PlayStation Network. In the usual fashion for Sony developed games, Japanese gamers will be able to pick up the game long before the rest of us -- some time in March.

No news has been heard about a stateside release date for the pricier PSP version of the game, though Siliconera is claiming that a Sony rep told them the handheld edition is "up in the air". This isn't a death knell for the portable port -- we don't know why they'd cancel the U.S. version, considering that Japan's March release date is for the PSP as well. We'll let you know when we know a more definite release date for the two versions, until then, we suggest enrolling into some sort of MENSA organization in order to garner the massive, genius brain you'll need to navigate these impossible constructions.

The PS3 version is on track for a Spring release.

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