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PS3 voted most wanted Blu-ray player

Majed Athab

In their latest poll, our good buddies over at EngadgetHD beg the question: What Blu-ray player will you be picking up? With the death of HD DVD ending the format wars, there is only one choice left for high-def needs: Blu-ray. New buyers and HD DVD refugees alike need to make a choice; so what Blu-ray player did they choose? Why, the PS3 of course!

Even though polling is still going on, the PS3 is the clear winner at 56.6% of the total votes. The next closest Blu-ray player is the Panasonic DMP-BD50 at 8.3%; we suspect it's not likely that the DMP-BD50 will catch up to the PS3's massive 48% lead. What does this mean for the PS3? It means that sales can only go up from here.

[Thanks Aaron!]

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