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Aliens: Colonial Marines in late 2008, 4-player co-op


Sega has bumped up the Aliens: Colonial Marines street date to "late 2008," just a week after Game Informer revealed the game name and cited a vague 2009 release. The publisher also provided details of the title's plot, an original, penned by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. As part of a United States Colonial Marine squad you and up to three additional friends will face a Nazi an Alien assault (yes, like we said, "original"). In co-op mode, players will have distinct roles to play in the completion of each mission -- we call flamethrower duty! The game also will include additional multiplayer modes not yet announced.

With Gearbox at the helm, expect an authentic recreation of the films' fictional world from pulse rifles to the now abandoned Sulaco spacecraft. Aliens: Colonial Marines is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

[Via press release]

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