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Behold the Jaffa!


The Assistant Art Director for Stargate Worlds, Nick Heitzman, chatted with about the inspiration behind the look of the Jaffa. At first blush I'd say steroid enhanced NFL linemen. But that's just me. Heitzman said he wanted them to look "strong, sexy and exuding an aura of command." Welp, I'd say he hit it right on the head. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to meet up with these guys in a dark alley!

The Jaffa will be bigger, more muscular and militarily precise in their movements. Heitzman compared them to Spartans in both their clothing and armor choices, preferring function over form, with color tones hearkening back to Greece and Rome. Endowed with peak physical conditioning honed by constant training and a fanatical devotion to achieving higher levels of effectiveness, the Jaffa really will be like the "Steel Curtain." All I know is, if I can be a Jaffa... that's what I'll be playing!

In addition to this nugget o' knowledge, the Stargate Worlds Gallery has been updated with pictures of the Jaffa (see above), vehicles, and containers for Anima Vitru.

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