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Franklin Speaking Spelling Bee takes a page from Mylo, also the whole design

Nilay Patel

Given how few people have actually ever seen or used a Sony Mylo, we suppose it's possible that Franklin's designers happened upon the look of the Speaking Spelling Bee completely by chance, but somehow we doubt it. Franklin was demoing the lil' guy at Toy Fair this past weekend, and it's actually an interesting little gadget: it hooks up to a TV so up to 6 kids can take each other on in spelling contests, it contains the Merriam-Webster Intermediate Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Rhyming Dictionary, it plays Sudoku and Hangman, and it's expandable via SD. That's actually slightly more useful than the original Mylo, if you think about it -- but if Franklin busts out the Spider-man font for version two, we'll definitely know something's up.

[Via Make]

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