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Rock Band Drum Kits ship to American and Canadian stores

Perhaps you, or an overzealous friend, went into a Buddy Rich-esque fit of drumming rage during a heated round of Rock Band, smashing the delicate bass pedal and impaling one of the drum heads as you flew off the handle. Don't panic -- you won't have to shell out another $180 for the whole shebang to get a new kit. Though they missed their initial ship date of Feb. 12, Harmonix and MTV Games just announced that standalone drum kits are on their way to North American retail stores.

A new drum kit will run you $80, a pittance for that new faux-percussion instrument smell. So whether you're replacing a busted kit, buying a second kit to play head to head against a friend, or building a 28-head, 360 degree drumming monstrosity ala Neil Peart (first person to do this and send in a picture gets a Brush with Fame), keep an eye out for these kits as they begin to trickle into your brick-and-mortars.

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