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Sakurai has "no plans" to port Smash Bros. to the DS

Candace Savino

To be honest, we never really thought about the possibility of Smash Bros. on the DS. In a recent interview with Masahiro Sakurai, however, Matt Casamassina of IGN asked the genius game creator if there was a DS port in the works.

Once Casamassina asked the question and touted a DS version as the "next logical step," we found ourselves agreeing with him. The DS is in need of more good fighters, so why not one filled with Nintendo characters? Sure, there would be limitations, but it could work.

Of course, as soon as we started to fall in love with the idea, our hearts were crushed. While Sakurai said that there would be no control limitations when bringing Smash Bros. to the DS, it just isn't something that he'd be interested in working on. Cementing the issue, he said, "I personally have no plans to do this myself. If, in the future, such a thing was to be planned, it would be up to Nintendo to decide how and when and in what way they would like to create that sort of game."

Although this doesn't rule out the possibility of a DS port at some point, we're not sure if it would even be worth it if Sakurai wasn't involved. How about you guys? Do you agree with Casamassina that Smash Bros. is "perfectly suited" for the DS? And, if so, would you still want the game without Sakurai's touch?

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