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Scratch that, no four play co-op for LEGO: Indy

Dustin Burg

We'll apologize in advance to those fanboys who have an obsessive love of the LEGO franchise and were looking forward to LEGO: Indiana Jones' four player online co-op. True, it was "confirmed" a few days ago by the crew over at MTV Multiplayer, but we've since learned that four player co-op has been ... "un-confirmed".

MTV Multiplayer just posted a mild retraction after a LEGO: Indy producer cleared up the four player miscommunication. The new official details state that the game will allow for four players to be on the screen at once, but only two players can be controlled at any given time. Not four. And really, that's a big bummer. We guess we'll just have to stick with Halo 3 if we want four player co-op shenanigans. Stupid bricks.

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