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Edion does the unthinkable: allows swapping of HD DVD players for Blu-ray decks

Darren Murph

Shortly after hearing that the relatively unknown studio HDScape cranked up a HD DVD / Blu-ray exchange program, along comes Edion to show the world how this ordeal should really be handled. Said firm owns several chains of electronics stores in Japan, and reportedly, it's allowing customers who purchased one of seven HD DVD players to return them for Blu-ray decks. Apparently, it's allowing them to put the purchase price of the HD DVD unit towards the Blu-ray player, and if their player was somehow more expensive than the BD player they're eying, a refund for the difference will actually be doled out. We'll be honest -- this does seem a bit too good to be true, but we are hearing that the courtesy expires at the end of March. 'Tis a shame this will never happen on this side of the world. [Warning: PDF / Japanese read link]

[Via, thanks Soven A.]

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