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GDC08: Call of Duty DLC will be 'different'

Justin McElroy

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling gets it. He knows that even though similar levels in a game like Call of Duty 4 are an important part of creating a coherent world, people want something different in a pack of downloadable content. And that's exactly what they'll be getting, with an upcoming pack of three maps. But as to what, exactly, that means, Bowling still isn't saying.

What he will say is that those who've been clamoring for new content may already have a good idea of what's on the way. "It's a lot of community feedback, they want bigger maps, more buildings, more close quarters fighting. It's going to be really evident that it's stuff that they asked for," Bowling said. "People in the community should have a good idea of what to expect."

The maps are now in the playtesting phase, so hopefully even us non-forum goers will know what Infinity Ward has cooking soon.

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