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HDScape offers up HD DVD to Blu-ray exchange program

Darren Murph

While early adopters won't see a single red cent from Toshiba now that HD DVD has bit the proverbial dust, HDScape movie owners looking to make the transition to Blu-ray may be happy to hear of its latest program. In a move that we can only hope other studios mimic, the firm is enabling customers that previously purchased flicks on HD DVD to exchange the paper casewraps they came in for an $11.95 BD version. Yep, this means you can keep your HD DVD case and disc, but you won't be able to use one casewrap to receive a discount on a different title. For step-by-step instructions on how to take HDScape up on its offer, head on down to the read link -- and for folks scouting stellar deals on the now-defunct red format, you can snag quite a few of its HD DVDs for just $6.95.

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