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Rumor: Shantae on Wii Ware?


Back in December, Contra 4 developer WayForward asked the entire internet for its thoughts on a new Shantae game. Smelling an opportunity to help play a part in reviving a fantastic franchise, we shamelessly begged readers of DS Fanboy to vote for a sequel on the DS. Being the magnificent people they are, they lent us their clicking fingers!

Alas, it now looks as though our efforts were in vain, but there's no need to be glum, folks. WayForward founder Voldi Way told Siliconera that the next Shantae game was being considered for Wii Ware.

Sure, that makes it a lot less likely to be the 2D Shantae that we really, really want but hey, it's Shantae, and it's on a Nintendo system. We'll gladly take it!

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