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Shortcuts brings contextual menu items to your keyboard


Mice can be great, but sometimes my hands are too cozy on the keyboard to make the trip over to the aptly named pointing device. And contextual menus can be great, too, but I've got a few CM plugins creating a little maze of hierarchical menus. Some of them are used much more frequently than others and could benefit from ... a keyboard shortcut!

In walks Shortcuts, another very useful contribution from Abracode, makers of ClipMaster and quite a few other great (free) plugins and programs. It simply allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to any contextual menu item. The interface shows you what menu items would be available for a file, folder, multiple selections and text selections in Cocoa text fields. You just select the menu item you want easy access to and assign a hotkey.

I experimented with a "Copy Path" shortcut and a "Secure Delete" shortcut with great results. My only significant complaint is the lack of Path Finder support, which could probably be fixed fairly easily. You can edit the way it interacts with various programs using AppleScripts, so it should be possible to add some new "context providers". It will take a little more exploration on my part.

Shortcuts is a free download.

Thanks Michael G.

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