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VC Friday: It's only freakin' River City Ransom


We kind of knew all along that Street Gangs (or River City Ransom as NTSC gamers will know it) would materialize on the Virtual Console eventually. Yet even with this knowledge in hand, we still couldn't resist cartwheeling across our living rooms with joy after it appeared for really reals today on the PAL VC. People, it's Street Gangs, a.k.a. River City Ransom. Whatever name you give to it, it's a bona fide classic, and requires your instant attention.

Adventure Island is this week's second addition, yet may well go unnoticed, thanks to the game it shares this particular VC Friday with. That would be a shame, as Hudson's platformer is also worth investigating.

Hoist a trash can above your head and hit the break for footage of both!

  • Street Gangs -- NES -- 500 Wii points
  • Adventure Island -- NES -- 500 Wii points

Adventure Island, NES

Street Gangs, NES

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