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Xbox Live Friends list on your iPhone


There are quite a few ways online to see what your friends are up to in Xbox Live -- the most fun way is probably the 360 Voice site (that lets your Xbox blog about what you've been playing lately), but there are also Facebook applications, Dashboard widgets, and all kinds of other ways to keep tabs on gamertags. And now, has released a browser widget for MobileSafari on the iPhone and iPod touch, so you can track any gamertags you like on the go.

It doesn't actually nab tags from your friends list, so you have to type them all in separately (of course, that also means you can ninja-monitor folks), but once you get it set up, you get a URL that you can bookmark (or Webclip -- there is a default Webclip icon as well) with each person's GT, Gamerscore, last game played, and their icon and motto. So there aren't too many stats there to deal with, but if you want to quickly see what your friends are up to on your favorite portable device, it works pretty well.

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