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Caterpillar introduces customization on the iPhone

Mat Lu

Many of you have no doubt noticed that there hasn't been much happening over at unsanity since the release of Leopard broke their haxie "Application Enhancers." Well, apparently some of the developers behind unsanity are now banking on the iPhone instead with a new "Mobile Enhancer" technology called Caterpillar.

Basically, Caterpillar adds customization options to a jailbroken iPhone. At present the tools include a Smart Dialer, customized wallpaper with calendar, customized SpringBoard backgrounds (the home page) and more. Interestingly, they're planning to offer the package on a subscription model and it will be "constantly growing as [they] add new tools and functionality."

The Caterpillar package is available now by adding their repository to on a jailbroken iPhone. The service will run $20 for six months, $35 for 12 months, or $45 a non-expiring license. Of course, you jailbreak your iPhone at your own risk; I have not tested this myself.

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