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Halo 3: A little more Ghost Town, but top down

Dustin Burg

This past Thursday, Bungie surprised everyone by revealing some information and a few pictures of Ghost Town, one of three multiplayer maps to be included in this Spring's Legendary Map Pack DLC. But that wasn't enough of a tease, so Bungie (being the givers they are) decided to release a top down view image of Ghost Town in this week's Bungie Weekly Update. How caring of them. You can view the super neat top down pic in our ever expanding Legendary Map Pack gallery which we embedded below. As a bonus, Bungie even marked where all the default weapons are located and labeled where each of the three previously released screenshots were taken. Nice! And is it just us, or is anyone else semi-excited to get a glimpse of these heavily marketed "God rays"? Bring on the pretty light!

Also, if you participated in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre last week, be sure to make the jump to see if you made it onto Bungie's list of prizing winning pwners. If you're one of the lucky few, you can officially has Recon.


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