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Peter Moore talks smack about Activision-Blizzard

Chris Chester

In a recent interview with MCV, Xbox big-wig turned EA big-wig Peter Moore explains how he believes EA Sports' new portfolio is poised on the brink of burying the new Activision-Blizzard juggernaut. He describes how EA Sports is trying to turn their attention to the an international audience, courting new swaths of gamers with casual titles that promise to appeal to customers outside of their usual demographics.

Of course, our immediate reaction is to wonder idly what kind of whacky-tobaccy Peter Moore is smoking, Activision-Blizzard's crown jewel is of course World of Warcraft, which netted the company approximately $1.2 billion last year. Yes, you read that number correctly, that's $1,200,000,000. That's not a number that can be countered by dumbing down your sports franchises and hoping for the best. Now, we understand that EA Sports is kind of Peter Moore's baby here, so his chest-thumping is not without rational cause, but I doubt even investors would be fooled by such reckless showmanship. Now, if he wanted to go on to explain why Warhammer Online is going to eat into WoW's market share, we might be more inclined to pay attention, but a pithy boxing game? Puh-lease.

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