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Rumor: Gears 2 to have Chainsaw VS Chainsaw?


Remember, a whole 3 days ago, when Epic announced Gears 2? Sure you do, there was the stylized trailer of Marcus Fenix and a locust engaging in an honorable chainsaw duel. Well, the rumor mill is working a bit slowly as of late, as it did take a whole three days for word to get started that the chainsaw versus chainsaw moment seen in the GDC teaser is actually an ingame feature now. According to a Variety blogger who spoke with several people close to the Epic dev team, a melee attack from a chainsaw can be countered, and even repelled, by the person being attacked. How this effects balance, or what it says about future locust weaponry is all speculative at this point though. All in all, true or not, this could possibilty be cool so long as it doesn't end up being a button-mashing mess.

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